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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Two (2) Patents
: Nuclear particle detector and nuclear calibration source
Detection of Ra-226 in drinking water by Radon-222 Detection

General Electric Medical Division:  Milwaukee WI
Consultant: MRI Imaging

Abbott Laboratories Diagnostic Division:  North Chicago IL
Five (5) Patents: Radioimmunoassay Test Devices: HIV, Hepatitis, etc.
Enzyme Immunoassay Device for HIV, Hepatitis, etc.
Various Laboratory Assay Processing Devices

Abbott Laboratories Hospital Products Division:  Mt. View CA
Three Generations of IV Controller
Ambulatory Dialysis Device

Abbott Laboratories Manufacturing:  Irvin TX
Medical Device Manufacturing Consultant

Lexus Nexus:  Dayton OH
Development of Portable Terminal

Technology Transfer:  Lafayette IN
Portable Handheld EKG Device

Hill Rom Company:  Batesville IN
Four (4) patents: Hospital Bed Electronic Controls
Hazardous Electrocution Condition Detectors
Intrinsically Safe Power Switch System

Deca Medics: Columbus OH
Circumferential CPR Device
R&D and Intellectual Property Consultant

US Air Force:  Dayton OH
Survivor Locator Device

Axxis Corporation:  Louisville KY
Development of Multi-Channel RF Sound System

Hamilton Air: Fairfield, OH
Signature verification system for banks.

Animal Medical Clinic:  Port Charlotte FL
Bone Surgery Device

Sean Machine:  San Antonio TX
One (1) patent: Video Camera Adaptor

Timperman Corporation:  Dry Ridge KY
Corporate Turnaround

Friedman Aircraft: Highland Park IL
Aircraft Safety Device